Interesting content or white noise?

This remains to be seen.

I’m a copywriter, associate creative director and general promo ho who has been chewing on a few basic question for most of my working life:

What makes great work?

What makes a successful career?

What makes a happy life?

Have I got a shot at any of that stuff?

Those will likely be the themes of this blog. Cooking, family and any other shiny thing that catches my eye will almost certainly creep in, too.

Rather than read my honking and bleating on about myself, though, how about you check out my site at Should be good for a laugh. Or at least a derisive snort.

Thanks to Steve, David and Martin at Twelve Horses for inspiring me to finally birth a blog. Hope it doesn’t go the way of my Sea Monkeys, Chia Pets and that baby alligator I flushed.

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